A nice cheery one for Blue Monday

It’s not usually something that bothers me, but this year it does. I’ve been on my own for a long time (13 years) and last year I was hoping to start something with someone with who I shared a genuine connection. Suffice to say, that never happened.

I think with all that’s happening in the world one of the things that’s been ignored is loneliness. We can have all the friends in the world on social media, but all means nothing without someone to say goodnight to and that helpless feeling that no one gives a fuck.

Well, if that’s you, I know how you feel.

There are lots people can do to help people on their own right now, a quick phone call, a chat over the fence, anything to remember those who are feeling alone right now.

I don’t think Covid will kill the world, but loneliness will.

Tom Stanger
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Founder and Editor of Pilgrim House, currently researching folklore and early Welsh Christianity and curator of the archives of the lost village of Pontyddim.

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