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Many, many moons ago I came upon the hair-brained idea of writing a book on Funk music.  I love the groove and the beat, and there’s not much that gets me moving than great funky music. Alas, like many of my ideas I never actually got around to doing much of the work.

Much of the state of today’s world is being addressed through music, and this is by no means a modern idea.  The history of music is one that’s synonymous with acts of rebellion, cries for freedom, and addressing the issues of today.  The 1970s were, for many, a time of great change, but also great strife and this project celebrates and remembers those who fought for change in the hope of a better tomorrow.

The book was going to encompass the politics, the history and the music itself, a blend of its musical predecessors and exploding in the 1970s, it wasn’t just a sound it was a movement! So, this site will explore all those things and hopefully more.  I hope it’s informative, and most importantly, enjoyable!

I’ll leave with you with the classic Zapp, More Bounce to the Ounce, which was considered the funkiest tune of all time by Billboard magazine in 2018.

Tom Stanger
Host at Supernatural People podcast, Editor/writer at The Pilgrim Magazine, curator of the Pontyddim archives, tea drinker, hat wearer and autism advocate. PhD researcher on Gothic Literature & religion also does book reviews bad photography and other bits and bobs

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